New species for our bird bath

Black-Faced Cuckoo-Shrike

Black-Faced Cuckoo-Shrike

We have several bird baths in our garden. These are placed where we can see the bird baths from the house, usually in rooms where we spend quite a deal of time. We delight in watching the birds come to drink, especially on those hot summer days like we’ve been having this year. We also enjoy watching the birds bathing and squabbling over the water.

Over the last few years I have kept an unofficial list of the species that have visited to bird baths, either to bathe or to drink. A few days ago we noticed that a single Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike came to drink. This is the first time we have noticed this species drinking there. This species is more often seen flying overhead on its way somewhere else. We are pleased that this one decided to stop long enough for a drink. Even better – it stopped long enough to pose for my camera.

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2 Responses to “New species for our bird bath”

  1. Brenton says:

    One of my favourite birds!

  2. Trevor says:

    I agree Brenton. I love having them visit our garden – usually they fly over heading somewhere else and only occasionally land in our trees. I love hearing their soft call as well.

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