No picnic at Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock area, Victoria

Hanging Rock area, Victoria

After visiting Mt. Macedon, John took us to the picnic area called Hanging Rock. This volcanic outcrop was made famous in the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) directed by Peter Weir and based on the novel by Joan Lindsay. The film tells of the mysterious disappearance of a teacher and three girls while on a picnic at Hanging Rock. The story is told in such a way that you think it is based on fact, but the author never indicated whether any part of it was based on true events.

We decided to take the stroll to the top, but found that near the top it is more strenuous than merely strolling. I forgot to take any provisions with me (which was silly of me, I know) and my sugar levels dropped dramatically and so I didn’t quite make it to the top. That’s the trouble with diabetes (sigh).  A lovely ice cream from the cafe at the base helped to correct the problem.

Striated (or Brown?) Thornbill, Hanging Rock, Victoria

Striated Thornbill, Hanging Rock, Victoria

Because I had never been to this spot before I was more interested in taking photos of the rock formation – which were spectacular – rather than take photos of birds. I did manage to get the poor photo above of a Striated Thornbill. I also saw some Brown Thornbills.

There were a few trees flowering so the honeyeaters were out in force, including Red Wattlebirds, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, and White-eared Honeyeaters. This was the only time I recorded the White-eared HE on the trip.

There was another Flame Robin to enjoy, as well as a Grey Shrike-thrush and many Superb Fairy-wrens. I also heard a treecreeper but didn’t get to see it.

And no – we didn’t find Miranda.

Hanging Rock, Victoria

Hanging Rock, Victoria

Swamp Wallaby, Hanging Rock, Victoria

Swamp Wallaby, Hanging Rock, Victoria


6 Responses to “No picnic at Hanging Rock”

  1. delson says:

    Very Nice Blog, loved reading your posts and collection of links too..

    Will keep visiting.


  2. Snail says:

    A long time since I’ve been to Hanging Rock but I remember that last bit is a you-know-what.

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks Delson – must spend some time looking at your blog too – only had a few minutes to do so this morning. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks Snail – been a while since your last comment – you must be busy. Welcome back.

    While the walk to the top is demanding, I must say that it is still a stroll when compared with what I did in Nepal on the Everest trek I did a few years ago. That would probably kill me now, I’m so unfit and have put back on all the weight I lost in training and on the trek.

  5. Georgie says:

    Hi Trevor,

    This is Georgie from the Hanging Rock Action Group. We’re a team of Macedon Ranges community members who recently “saved” Hanging Rock from commercial development plans.
    I was wondering if I could have your permission to use your photographs on our social media sites? (Facebook & Twitter)


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