Now for a personal rant

Black Swan with cygnets, Canberra

WARNING: personal rant ahead.

Featured in our television news last night, and in our daily newspaper this morning, was news of a 19 year old jet ski rider on the Gold Coast in Queensland who deliberately ran over a Black Swan. Onlookers actually filmed him doing it and he has now been charged. He allegedly made three attempts before actually running over the bird. Although he didn’t kill the swan, it is feared that it might not survive.

My Opinion: ban all personal water craft

Personal water craft – often known by the brand name “Jet Ski” ® – should be banned in my opinion. Sure, most riders of these craft are responsible in the way in which they use them, and this one person’s actions are extreme and certainly not the norm.

I object to them on three environmental grounds:

  1. The noise pollution is unbearable. Not only does this highly annoy people, it has to be most distressing to wildlife, including birds.
  2. Water pollution: the machines are well known for their water polluting characteristics. The water ways of the world are polluted enough; to add to this pollution in the name of fun and recreation cannot be justified.
  3. Air pollution: it is a fact that two hours of operation of an early model personal water craft creates MORE air pollution than a late model car does driving over 200,000km. Granted, later model craft have seen some improvements in the amount of pollution created but the figures are still alarming.

I just can’t see why they are allowed at all.

My rant is over.

Now back to birding.

This post was updated on 5th November 2013.


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  1. Trevor says:

    This post was updated on 5th November 2013.

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