One legged Silver Gull at Horseshoe Bay

One legged Silver Gull, Horseshoe Bay, South Australia

Every now and then I see a gull with part of a leg missing. The birds with this disability were probably attached by a fish or shark at some stage. Despite not being totally intact, they seem to manage quite well.

On a recent visit to the south coast of South Australia – Horseshoe Bay near Victor Harbor, we saw the gull featured above with only one leg. again, it seemed to be in top notch health and coping really well.

Below I have included a few more photos of Silver Gulls taken at the same time. This continues my photographic fascination with this very common species.

Silver Gull, Horseshoe Bay, South Australia

Silver Gull, Horseshoe Bay, South Australia


2 Responses to “One legged Silver Gull at Horseshoe Bay”

  1. Louise says:

    It’s amazing how they can adapt to adversity and one legedness. I share your photographic fascination with sea gulls. I’ve been taking many more photos. They do suffer by being over familiar. I must get to doing a gull post soon.

  2. Malcolm says:

    I like Silver Gulls. Particularly as they generally always look so clean. I often find I can feed them “on the wing”, by offering a bit of fish or a chip into the air, they will usually glide with amazing precision and gently take the offering from my fingers. It’s amazing to watch the preciseness of their maneuverability in the wind. The breezier the conditions, the more in awe one tends to find themselves of these common but no less lovely birds.

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