Pacific Gulls

Juvenile Pacific Gull, Yorke Peninsula

At one stage while travelling along the south coast of Yorke Peninsula we pulled off the main road and drove down a rough dirt track towards the beach (see photo below). A solitary juvenile Pacific Gull was feeding on the sand. This species is found along coastal NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and southern Western Australia. While it is widespread it is not present in large numbers in most places. It is usual to see only one or two birds at a time.

The photo above shows the bird in the juvenile plumage which indicates a first year bird. For the next 3 years a variety of plumages stages can be seen, from the chocolate brown through to mottled brown and white until the full adult plumage is developed. Below I have included several photos of two birds in adult plumage at Victor Harbor earlier this year.

South coast of Yorke Peninsula

Juvenile Pacific Gull, Yorke Peninsula

Pacific Gulls, Victor Harbor, South Australia

Pacific Gulls, Victor Harbor, South Australia



2 Responses to “Pacific Gulls”

  1. Geoff Haddon says:

    Pacific Gulls of adult and immature are very common at Stansbury more so than on my previous visits. They must be nesting close to the area

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Geoff,
      Thanks for your comments on your observations. I haven’t been to Stansbury for many years so it is about time I meandered down that way. It is quite likely that they breeding in that area – or possibly on the islands further west.

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