Palm Cockatoo in Adelaide Zoo

Palm Cockatoo, Adelaide Zoo

I delight in visiting my local zoo in Adelaide. I am a long term member and try to visit several times a year, mainly to hone my photography skills. The Adelaide Zoo has an excellent collection of birds in addition to the animals and reptiles, so birds feature prominently in my photos during these visits.

A few months ago I spent several hours there with my wife. We’d been to see a movie and decided to fill in some extra time at the zoo before travelling home. The zoo is an easy walk from the CBD. Besides, my wife hadn’t been to the zoo for a while, so she was eager to also spend time there.

Over coming days I will feature a few of the birds seen on this visit, as well as another visit a week later. Today’s photo shows a Palm Cockatoo, one species I have not yet seen in the wild. In its natural state it inhabits the far northern tip of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, an area I have yet to visit.


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