Peaceful Doves in our garden

Several days ago I was writing at my desk in the office when I heard the unmistakable call of a Peaceful Dove in our garden. It sounded like it was in the tree right outside the office. The camera often resides within reach and so I was on my way outside in seconds. Sure enough, a single Peaceful Dove was in the tree but my approach was a little too noisy or rapid.

Peaceful Doves can be a little flighty at times. This one quickly flew a short distance away to another tree further from the house. This time I was a little more cautious. I was able to get four or five shots before it decided to head off towards a patch of scrub next door. Unfortunately, the light was all wrong and the resulting photos are not worth keeping. Instead, I have posted a photo of a Peaceful Dove seen last year in the walk-through aviary at the Cleland Wildlife Park.

Peaceful Dove, Cleland Wildlife Park

Peaceful Dove, Cleland Wildlife Park

Peaceful Doves cannot be classed as resident in our garden, but they are reasonably frequent visitors. We love hearing their soft “doodle-doo” call as we work outside. Peaceful doves are widespread throughout the eastern and northern halves of Australia.

As a little aside, I find it quite remarkable how often their call is featured in the background of Australian films or television shows.


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