Pelicans at Mallacoota

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria

On our walk around Mallacoota in eastern Victoria in January we were pleased to get up close to a group of Australian Pelicans in the harbour. I was pleased to get some interesting close up shots of these lovely birds. Click on the photos to enlarge the images.

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria


12 Responses to “Pelicans at Mallacoota”

  1. Kyle says:

    Beautiful shots, Trevor! With those pastel pink and gray-striped bills, they almost look like painted characters from an animated film. Looks like you had some gorgeous weather for the day, too.

  2. John Tongue says:

    Hi Trevor,
    Great shots! But is posting to your Blog a form of relaxing break from writing, or a not-s-subtle form of procrastination???

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks Kyle. We had some wonderful weather on our holiday late Dec early Jan. When we returned home to South Australia the weather turned really nasty with many days around 45 – 48C. We only had one hot day during the 3 week trip – the first day and we were in an air conditioned car all day.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the comments John.

    You are wrong on both counts.

    I prepared posts in January and early February during all that hot weather and scheduled them to come on Mon – Wed – Fri every week until about mid-April. Just love WordPress.

    It means I can now concentrate on the study and writing. Any posts on other days have been done as they occur to me, but the bulk have been done in advance. Some might say that’s cheating, but it works for me. On my travel blog I have posts scheduled 3x per week until well into May. It’s the writing one that only has a few waiting to appear.

    Interestingly, since doing this my traffic has increased in a pleasing way – now getting 600+ visitors daily – up from about 450. Putting notices on Twitter and Facebook has contributed to some of this new traffic.

  5. John Tongue says:

    Hi Trevor,
    I’m sure I visit blogs more regularly that are updated more regularly!

  6. John Tongue says:

    And Shirley just said that if you have to respond to 600 visitors a day, you won’t get ANY work done!!!

  7. Trevor says:

    And you can assure dear Shirley that only a very small percentage of readers ever leave a comment.

    What does take time are the people who use the contact form, usually to ask a question about birds, quite often about caring for injured birds. I get about 3-4 of these a week. If they need research each can take up to an hour. It’s the teacher in me: I want to educate people about birds.

    For those asking about injured or orphaned birds I usually refer them to an article I wrote some time ago addressing the question of what to do. I am VERY reluctant to give out advice in this area because I have no experience in caring for them. The article suggests going to a vet or contacting their local wildlife carers.

  8. Kelvin says:

    Great photos of the pelicans. Sad to hear of the passing of Mr Percival though.

  9. Wren says:

    Great to see them so close!

  10. Trevor says:

    Thanks Wren,

    There were several people fishing nearby and it was a spot where fishing boats regularly come in to the estuary. The pelicans have learned to hang around for a free feed. This makes them quite used to people and so it made my task of getting a good shot so much easier.

  11. Trevor says:

    Thanks Kelvin,

    For readers who may not be aware of the reference to Mr. Percival, he was an Australian Pelican who starred in the classic Australian children’s movie “Storm Boy” many years ago. The film was based on the very popular Colin Thiele novel of the same name and features the rugged and windswept beauty of The Coorong in South Australia.

    The trained pelican who went by the name of Mr. Percival lived out his latter days at the Adelaide Zoo. sadly he passed away earlier this month.

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