Penguins and Happy Feet

I took my wife to see the film “Happy Feet” yesterday. What a brilliant film with plenty of fun and entertainment throughout. It is infectiously happy with an excellent portrayal of the grand beauty of Antarctica. And I don’t think I will ever regard penguins in quite the same light again.

Purists could deride the film as the poorer for having thousands of penguins dancing and singing their way across the screen. Penguins just do not do that in reality. Loosen up if you are a critic who thinks this – despite the obvious drawbacks, several things stand out which are a definite plus in my mind:

  • From this film the general public will learn quite a number of facts about the life cycle of penguins.
  • People will also learn much about life in Antarctica and its delicate ecosystem.
  • The heavy environmental message laid on thick near the end will make people think – and hopefully act – for the good of all species, not just penguins.
  • Learning about the environment can be packaged in a fast paced, entertaining and fun way.

All the way through I was astonished at how the writers had incorporated so many subtle references and allusions to other things, including other films. In summary, this film could be labelled: “where Sister Act meets Riverdance meets Hillsong* meets calypso.”

Overall rating: 4 stars – a must see film.

*Hillsong: a very large and influential charismatic Christian church in Sydney.


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