Pied Imperial-Pigeon

Pied Imperial-pigeon in walk through aviary at Adelaide Zoo

The beautiful Pied Imperial-pigeon is found in the mangroves, rainforests and woodlands of coastal northern Australia. I haven’t been birding in that part of Australia yet, so I was pleased to get these good photos of the species in one of the walk-through aviaries at Adelaide Zoo recently.

These pigeons are commuters. They nest and roost on the islands of northern Australia and daily commute to the mainland to feed on fruit in the rainforests and mangroves. They nest in the mangrove trees of the islands. They are also present in PNG and Indonesia. Many populations of these pigeons are also migratory, moving between Australia, PNG and Indonesia.

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Pied Imperial-pigeon in walk through aviary at Adelaide Zoo


3 Responses to “Pied Imperial-Pigeon”

  1. Bec Z says:

    Some nice photos, I’ve always struggled with light in that aviary, but I’ll have to give it a go now that I have a DSLR, I have to be able to manage something, surely 😛 Thanks for sharing your images though, great to learn something 🙂

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks Bec,

    I had a look at your blog – keep up the good work. I will try to remember to make a link to it soon – so you can get more people reading it and viewing your great photos.

  3. […] can learn more about them here and see more of my photos of this species here. Pied Imperial-pigeon, Adelaide Zoo Pied Imperial-pigeon, Adelaide Zoo Tags: Fruit eaters, Pied […]

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