Portrait of a Magpie Lark

Close up view of a Magpie Lark

I like having several bird baths strategically placed around our garden. I especially like those we’ve placed with a good view from our sun room where we often sit to have our meals.

During hot weather especially there is a constant stream of birds of many species which come to drink from or bath in the water. On more than a few occasions I have raced off to get my camera for more photos to share here. On this occasion a Magpie Lark posed just right for a good portrait shot as he paused from drinking.

The white eyebrow indicates that this is the male of a resident breeding pair in our garden. They make a delicate bowl-shaped mud nest, usually quite high up in nearby mallee trees.

Close up view of a Magpie Lark


2 Responses to “Portrait of a Magpie Lark”

  1. Tina Rose says:

    I really think you’ll enjoy this video of an annoyed snowy owl in Nunavut, Canada


    Please consider posting a link on your blog to help this unique video receive more exposure!

    Thank you!

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Tina,

      Thanks for sharing this video with my readers.

      I almost rejected your comment and the link because it has no relevance to this particular article. Please refrain from posting links to sites which with little connection to what I have written about.

      Furthermore, it appears to have been posted in order to gain attention to a site promoting a tourist destination. While it is true I allow advertising on this site it has to be approved advertising.

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