Princess Parrot

Princess Parrot, Adelaide Zoo

Princess Parrot, Adelaide Zoo

The Princess Parrot of inland Australia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of our large array of beautiful parrots. Sadly I have not seen this species in its natural environment, but I have seen it many times in captivity. It is a very popular aviary bird and breeding pairs can be quite expensive, such is the demand.

I took this photo recently through the wire mesh of an aviary at the Adelaide Zoo. Although it is not a brilliant photo I was shooting through black wire mesh so it is reasonable I guess.

The Princess Parrot – also known as Alexandra’s Parrot – is very much a bird of inland Australia where it is quite rare. Any sighting is exciting and notable.  Its natural range covers much of NW South Australia, SW Northern Territory and eastern Western Australia. In this range it is highly nomadic, often being absent from any one area for many years until reappearing suddenly in response to good conditions.


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