Purple-crowned Lorikeets

Purple-crowned Lorikeets feeding on Eucalytus socialis

Many of the mallee trees in our scrub at the back of our house are fully in flower at the moment. The above photo shows one of them totally covered in blooms. Standing nearby one can easily smell the nectar coming form the flowers.

The resident honeyeaters love the flowers and yesterday we had a flock of about 20 Purple-crowned Lorikeets feeding on them as well. I have found that this is not an easy species to photograph. They are usually seen streaking across the garden at a great speed, or else feeding in the thickest topmost foliage of a tall tree. I was therefore pleased to get these shots early Christmas morning.

Purple-crowned Lorikeet feeding on Eucalytus socialis

Purple-crowned Lorikeet feeding on Eucalytus socialis


3 Responses to “Purple-crowned Lorikeets”

  1. Gillian says:

    What a lovely Christmas treat.

    You can see our Christmas adventure with a Brush Turkey chick in suburban Sydney here…


    We’re enjoying your blog, newly found. We’re off to the NSW South Coast tomorrow and saw your post about visiting Mystery Bay.


  2. John Tongue says:

    Lovely photos, Trevor.

    A nice little bird, we haven’t seen often, so let’s hope they;ll still be around when we come to visit!!

  3. […] we have the odd flyover of a small group of Purple-crowned Lorikeets. Occasionally they will land in one of our mallee trees for a short feed, depending on the extent […]

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