Rainbow Bee-eaters

Rainbow Bee eater

Rainbow Bee eater

Rainbow Bee-eaters are a delightfully beautiful Australian bird. The “rainbow” part of their name is most appropriate for they seem to display all the colours of the rainbow. They are one member of a large family of bee-eaters across the world.

In Australia they are a migratory bird. In the spring many of them migrate to the southern parts of the country. While here they often breed, their nest being a short burrow in sand or the bank of a river or creek. On our property we have seen them making a nest in the bank of sand along a dirt road.

At this time of the year we are always on the lookout for these beautiful birds. They are one of our favourites. On most occasions we hear their high pitched “purr, purr” calls near the house well before we see them.

Over recent days we have been hearing them briefly – always before we can get outside to see them. I guess they are not hanging around our garden this year, but just passing through. Never mind, the brief encounter reminded us that spring is well and truly here, and that summer cannot be far away.

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