Red Wattlebirds with young

Juvenile Red Wattlebird

Red Wattlebirds, a member of the honeyeater family of birds in Australia, is a common bird in our garden in Murray Bridge, South Australia. In fact, this species is a resident breeding bird in our garden. At any one time we probably have 5 – 10 individuals present, possibly more.

In recent weeks they have been a little more aggressive towards other species than normal, and that’s saying something! They can be very bossy at the best of times, especially to smaller birds like pardalotes.

A few days ago I discovered what I had suspected; they have been nesting. While their nest is not all that small, we do have many hundreds of trees and shrubs so it is hard to keep up with what is actually nesting.

I found them feeding two juvenile birds quite close to the house. If you click on the photo you will enlarge the image and be able to see the downy feathers of the young.

Juvenile Red Wattlebird

Juvenile Red Wattlebird

Juvenile Red Wattlebird


2 Responses to “Red Wattlebirds with young”

  1. Francis says:

    We have a baby wattle bird out of the nest in our Marrickville backyard. The parents are being attentive. Our dog is too blind and deaf to notice it but is enough of a presence to keep cats away. I’m going to avoid interfering and see how it progresses.

  2. Grant says:

    im a Postie and lm currently being swooped aggressively dialy by a red wattle bird, any suggestions.


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