Rudely awoken

Close up view of a Magpie Lark

This morning I took a few minutes out of various tasks to sit in the sunshine on our back veranda.

We haven’t seen much sunshine of late, but this is the last day of a cold, wet and miserable winter for us here in South Australia. Today the weather has suddenly turned on spring – a day early. Not complaining, mind you. I did a little reading and strangely, the eyelids became somewhat heavy – and I fell asleep. Good – I needed the rest.

A few minutes into my dream world and I was rudely awoken by a raucous Magpie Lark (“Murray Magpie” or “Peewee”) calling loudly about a metre away.

How inconsiderate.

Close up view of a Magpie Lark


3 Responses to “Rudely awoken”

  1. Karen says:

    Very inconsiderate indeed, we have been having fine weather here in Sydney but are expecting some rain soon.

  2. Ken Rolph says:

    I think magpie larks are very musical. We have a couple who visit our backyard, especially after we mow the lawn. Sometimes I just sit and listen to them.

    We didn’t get a winter in Sydney. And we seem to have gone straight into summer. 30 degree days and fire on the horizon. It’s going to be a long summer.

    • Trevor says:

      HI Ken – no winter in Sydney???? I have to disagree. We stayed with our son and family in Artarmon in June – hardly stopped raining the whole time and was quite cold – not as cold as here in SA but miserable all the same. Made it challenging in a smallish house with 2 pre-schoolers to entertain. (Love being a grand parent). I guess we just picked the only 2 weeks of your “winter”.

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