Rufous Whistler

We have many beautiful birds here in Australia and the Whistlers would be up there in the most beautiful list of many people. Here in Murray Bridge we have two species, the Golden Whistler and the Rufous Whistler.

While neither whistler is a resident species in our garden, they are both regular visitors. Their rich melodic calls are a delight and the brilliant colours, especially of the Golden Whistler are truly wonderful.

A few days ago we had a male juvenile Rufous Whistler come to visit the bird bath. This is the first time either species had come to drink, but then it was a very hot day so it is not all that surprising I guess. I did observe that he was very hesitant while approaching the water. It was plain that he was not at ease and was being very cautious.

Rufous Whistler (juvenile male)

Rufous Whistler (juvenile male)

While the photo is not brillaint (it was the only one I managed before he flew off) it does show the black breast band and rufous belly beginning to develop. This was a very good addition to our list of species that have visited the bird baths.

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