Silvereyes come to visit

Silvereyes are delightful little grey and olive-green birds – unless you happen to have ripe grapes on your grape vines, when they will descend upon your garden with great delight and feed on the grapes using their sharp pointy beaks to pierce the skin of the grapes.



Silvereyes are found throughout eastern and south-eastern Australia, as well as south western Australia. There are several races recognised with each race having distinctive colour variations. The white eye ring is conspicuous and diagnostic. Two similar species, the Pale White-Eye and the Yellow White-Eye are found in northern Australia.

Their thin call (‘psee’) as they pass by in loose flocks is a common call in many parts of their range. I’d been hearing this call in our garden for some weeks, so they have been around. Tracking them down is another matter as they tend to be a little sneaky around here. Finally one came to the bird bath for a drink, so I was able to get a reasonable photo.

They haven’t caused us any angst in the orchard – yet. We don’t have any grapes on our vines this year. I wish I could say the same about the Ringneck Parrots; they sometimes eat our pears before we get to them, and before the pears are ripe. We were sneaky and stripped the trees before they did too much damage this year. Now we have to wait for the pears to ripen.

Mallee Ringneck Parrot

Mallee Ringneck Parrot


2 Responses to “Silvereyes come to visit”

  1. Emily Strong says:

    I live in S.Africa. Birds form large part of my life.Have a “white eye ” here similar to silvereye. Raised 2 fledglings.Kept in my bosom for days till feathered!How fabulous to have such lovely birds flying free in garden.Most colourful bird in my garden is the Knysna Loerie. Crested colourful bird -shy!Have planted entire garden with trees and grasses to lure birds. LOTS of drinking and feeding points. Have 30 regular Guinea fowl visitors too. Hope to visit son in Buddina soon to enjoy your birds!

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Emily. Thanks for the comments. It is good to hear of bird lovers in other countries providing bird friendly environments in the gardens.

    You will love your visit to Queensland. I aven’t been to the place where your son lives but that area is renowned for its lovely beaches and wonderful rainforest areas. The birding there will be great. Enjoy your stay.

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