So that’s who’s been eating my flowers

We have many birds in our garden. There is a constant passing parade of parrots, honeyeaters, choughs, babblers, magpies, ravens and over a hundred other different species (113 at last count).

Constant delight

Being a birder this abundance brings a constant delight. There is always something happening. There is always something to look at. There is always something calling. There is constant activity. Near our front door we have a beautiful little Eremophila maculata bush (compact form), an Australian native. When in flower this little bush, which is not yet half a metre high, is covered in the most delightful wine-red flowers. Sometimes the ground below is covered with partly chewed bits of the flowers. Now we know the culprit, the Mallee Ringneck Parrot. We caught him in the act – and on the camera (see below).

Mallee Ringneck Parrot

Mallee Ringneck Parrot


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  1. dancebetty says:


  2. Andrew says:

    Wow awesome I love that coloring, theres a little bit of bright spots, but still some smooth subtle darker areas. Kinda soothing.

  3. Trevor says:

    They are wonderful birds Andrew. They bring a bright splash of colour to our garden when they visit which is almost every day.

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  5. Les Anderson says:

    At the moment I’m living in Nanago Queensland and the parrots here are amazing.
    I have a friend living on 6 acre lot just out of town and they have a feeder just off the front patio and the different parrots that come into feed is brilliant.
    They a family of King parrots the come in on and off through the day and last week a female Red Wing parrot came into feed and two days later her male partner and for one i believe the female was more beautiful that the male.
    At another friends place about 40 Rainbow Lorikeets arrive everyday in the late afternoon and they are just so friendly.
    I have never really been into bird much bit as I’m getting older now it just so refreshing and relaxing them feed and play around.
    This country have the most beautiful birds and I’m now learning how to appreciate them for the beauty that they show me.

  6. Trevor says:

    You are right, Les.

    Australia is indeed the land of parrots – and many other wonderful birds too.

    I have a wonderful DVD of our beautiful parrots. It was on TV some time ago and is available from ABC shops. Appropriately it is called:

    “Australia: Land of Parrots.”

    It’s brilliant.

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