Some birds of South America

When my children were quite little we would often go for a walk in the bush with them. During school holidays we would take them camping. These were the early days of my birding life and I was learning rapidly all about birds. Some of my interest rubbed off on the children and remains to this day. I didn’t deliberately set out to make them clones of me and they now have their own interests. A love of the outdoors and all things in the natural world has remained with them however.

Currently my son and daughter-in-law are travelling through Chile and Argentina. We are very much enjoying reading his blog and hearing about all of their experiences; it is like getting a post card and long letter every day.

Simon is constantly on the look out for birds and animals to photograph – and to tell me all about what he has been seeing. Some of these photos he has posted as a part of his blog here.

I am trying hard not to be too envious of all the species he is seeing. [sigh]


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