Steam trains and lack of birds

Steam train, Central Station, Sydney

Sydney Trip Report June 2011

On the first weekend of our recent holiday in Sydney, we went as a family for a 75 minute trip on the steam train shown above. It was an excellent treat and my 2.5 year old grandson (who loves trains) thought it was excellent but did admit afterwards, “I liked it but I was a little bit nervous.” (Bless him.)

I didn’t see any birds of note on the train trip but then I wasn’t really focussed on that. Back in Central Station waiting for the train to depart again on its next journey, I did manage this poor photo of a Common Myna (see below). Nothing exciting about that, but it was one of the few birds I saw all day.

Sorry – I forgot about the many Rock Doves actually inside the station building. They are so common in places like that one forgets to take note of them.

Common Myna, Central Railway Station, Sydney


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