Storms in Newcastle and Sydney

Last week there were severe storms and heavy rain in the Sydney area, and particularly around the city of Newcastle, north of Sydney. Extreme weather conditions can adversely affect the wildlife, and the bird-life in particular.

If any of my readers come from that area, please use the comments section to let us know how the birds are coping – and how you are coping with this disaster.

Meanwhile here in South Australia we have had excellent opening rains to the winter season. The reservoirs are steadily filling but we will still need much more rain over the coming winter months and again next year to get back to anything like normal. We are still on severe water restrictions due to the lack of rain over several years.

More worrying is the state of the River Murray. South Australians rely heavily upon the river for irrigation and for domestic use. The catchment areas of the river system have had some rain but not enough to create the necessary flow the fill storage dams. Everyone is hoping for excellent winter rainfall plus a heavy snowfall in the mountains of the eastern states.

UPDATE: The storms and heavy rain have caused major flooding in the Newcastle area. Thousands of homes and shops have been flooded. At this stage at least 9 people have lost their lives in the floods. Our condolences to all those who have lost loved ones, and our thoughts are with those whose property has been damaged or have been forced to evacuate their homes or businesses.


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