The benefits of the Birding-Aus newsgroup

It has been quite a while since I last promoted the newsgroup Birding-Aus. Currently there are about 790 members and this is growing steadily.

Birding-Aus is an information centre for everyone with an interest in Australia’s wild birds, their conservation and behaviour.

Mailing list

One of the great strengths of Birding-Aus is its mailing list. Once you have joined the list you will receive a number of emails each day specifically about Australian birds. In many cases this includes news about where to find good birding spots, where to see certain birds, news about rare or unusual sightings and discussion on various issues, including the conservation of birds and bird habitats. Once registered, you can contribute your own comments, sightings and ideas.


Another strength of Birding-Aus is the archives facility. Anyone can access the wealth of information contained in the archives. Most messages contributed to the mailing list have been archived for all to use. With several dozen messages daily and these dating back to early 1995, this is an amazing resource to Australian birders. My on contributions date back to early 1998.

Requests for information

A third great strength of this group is the ability to submit RFIs (Request for Information). This can be done for almost any topic relating to Australian birds and there will sure to be a response or two or several dozen, depending on the topic. Using this facility I have had people phone me for help or offering help, people sending me maps and other information, invitations to visit people, invitations to go out birding with other birders and heaps of useful information.


  • Birding-Aus – join the mailing list or search the archives here.
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