The Big Twitch

Last year read a book called The Big Twitch written by Australian birder, writer and sometime comedian Sean Dooley. This is an excellent read if you are even mildly interested in birds, and especially if you enjoy books relating adventure, quests, the search for unusual things and not without a little humour thrown into the whole mix.

I didn’t realise it at the time but Sean has a web site dedicated to the book. He has even started a blog which is accessed through the site (though he hasn’t updated it in quite a while).

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  1. John Tongue says:

    We got inspired by “The Big Twitch” and the various mainland twitchathons to organise our own, Tassie version here in January, “The Great Tassie Twitch”. And we are going to be doing it all again, soon – this time in Spring! The plan is to hold the event over the last two weeks in October (none of this “set-one-day” business for us relaxed Taswegians). If any readers are either resident in Tassie, or would like to come during the event, you can email me for further details on

  2. Trevor says:

    Very ambitious of you Taswegians, John. Are you trying to out do your mainland rivals?

    I will be embarking on a month-long twitch of my own in September. Murray Bridge to Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne and then home. Mainly visiting family and friends with birding thrown in as a bonus.

  3. Alicia Caughey says:

    Hi Trevor,
    We are having a bit of a birdo’s weekend in September. It’s our inaugural “Birds of the Bush” weekend in Rankin’s Springs NSW (between Hay and West Wyalong on the Mid Western Highway). All are welcome to attend. For more details use the contact form. We are new to this but we have big plans for the future. It is combined with our annual Spring Fair.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks for this information Alicia. We went through Rankin’s Springs last week on our way to a great birding couple of days at Lake Cargelligo and Round Hill. I have removed the phone number and email address from your comments to prevent spamming. People can contact you via my contact form and I will pass on the information.

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