The flight of the baby honeyeater

This week we have had some horrible weather. Hot days over 40 degrees with dust blowing wildly from the parched north of the state suffering the worst drought in living memory. Thankfully it is a little cooler today.

During the hot weather I saw a baby New Holland Honeyeater that appeared to have just emerged from the nest. He was hovering like a little helicopter, not being really sure what this flying business was all about. It must be difficult in good conditions; trying to learn to fly when it is so hot and so windy must be a tremendous challenge.

This little one settled long enough for me to get this photo. I then quickly retreated because Mum and Dad were nearby, fussing around with more food for this hungry youngster.

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New Holland Honeyeater (baby just out of nest)

New Holland Honeyeater (baby just out of nest)


4 Responses to “The flight of the baby honeyeater”

  1. […] * When we were able to travel we used to love birding in and exploring the flora and fauna of the Mallee scrubs. We still feel the pull of that naturalist’s paradise when the hot nor-westerlies sweep down from the inland, bringing a faint tang of eucalyptus and the sandy soil. Trevor of Trevor’s Birding is lucky enough to live in a block of mallee scrub, and in the flight of the baby honeyeater he describes a fledgling’s first experiences in the big wide world. […]

  2. Nicole Murray says:

    i found a baby bird what can i feed it?

  3. Trevor says:

    Nicole – you need to contact you local wild life carer for advice. Look in the phone directory.

  4. jackson says:

    i love watching fledging birds fly for the first time. we have new hooland honeyeaters nesting at the moment and i always watch the adults feed the chicks

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