The Rabbit and the Honeyeater

Rabbit in our garden

Rabbit in our garden

Yesterday I saw one of our resident rabbits hopping through the garden near our rose bushes. It stayed long enough for several good photos. Until earlier this year we only ever saw hares on our property. There were very few rabbits here over the last decade or more – since the accidental release of the rabbit calicivirus in 1995. This year has seen the return of rabbits immune to the virus; not in huge numbers but worrying all the same. We have at least two living on our five acre block.

After taking the photos of the rabbit, a Singing Honeyeater flew in to collect several insects on the window. It paused briefly on the window sill, long enough to get this good photo. It was less than two metres from me.

I love special birding moments like that.

Click on the photos to enlarge the image.

Singing Honeyeater on a window ledge

Singing Honeyeater on a window ledge


2 Responses to “The Rabbit and the Honeyeater”

  1. Tricia says:

    What a beaut little bird Trevor, he’s looking “right back at ya”. Makes you believe it is still a beautiful world.

  2. Trevor says:

    You are so right Tricia. Thanks for stopping by yet again.

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