The real James Bond – ornithologist

Most people have heard of James Bond the slick, handsome, debonair lady-killing spy featured in a series of novels and successful films. Good escapist stuff for those who like action packed movies.

What most people do not realise is that the REAL James Bond was an ornithologist. Ian Fleming, the author of the spy novels was a birder and had a copy of a bird field guide on his bookshelves. Searching for a suitable name for his new creation, he borrowed the character’s name from the author of the field guide, James Bond.

There is a certain poetic irony in all of this. An avid bird watcher (feathered variety) is writing a spy novel whose main character is a bird watcher (non-feathered variety) so he borrows the name of a professional bird watcher (feathered variety) for said character. That’s neat.

Further reading:

  • Bond. James Bond. Ornithologist. This article actually shows a picture of a copy of the famous field guide written by James Bond (ornithologist). It also has more information about the real James Bond.

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