The Start of my Indian Bird List?

While watching the news on television this evening I was interested in seeing footage highlights of the First Cricket Test match between Australia and India. This match is currently under way in Bangalore, India.

Imagine my delight when part of the highlights package included some close up shots of about 15 -20  Black Kites soaring over the cricket ground.

I’ve never been birding in India. Moral dilemma: can I now start my list of Indian birds?

Black Kite at Mannum, South Australia

Black Kite at Mannum, South Australia


2 Responses to “The Start of my Indian Bird List?”

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Trevor, in India you will be amazed to see hundreds of kites gliding over landfills on the outer edges of cities.

  2. Trevor says:

    Yes Mary – I have seen footage of such concentrations of this species. I also saw a few Black Kites in similar situations in Thailand and Nepal on my visit there in 2006 (see my travel blog for details

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