Three days without birds

I’m back.

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been here most of the time but I’ve been very busy coping with life. My studies have distracted me for many weeks now, but I can finally see the end of my course work.

Then I had a short stay in the local hospital. Kidney stones are no fun. Over that now, thank goodness. Then my wife had a stay in hospital. Between us we are keeping the local health services gainfully employed.

When I came home again I suddenly realised I’d gone 3 days without seeing a bird. There was a window in the room I was in, but the patient I was sharing with didn’t open the curtains much because he generally wanted to sleep. I knew there was something missing from my life those three days, and it wasn’t until I returned home to a garden full of birds that I realised what it was.

We are in the middle of winter now in South Australia and the bird life has diminished somewhat at present. Despite the cold conditions there is still enough activity around to keep one interested. That is one of the wonderful things about birding as a hobby. There will always be some birds around, and there’s always some form of activity. One just has to take a thirty second break from work and look out of the window to enjoy what is fluttering around or flying by. I’d certainly hate to work in an office where I couldn’t see out a window.

Enjoy the birds in your life.

Happy birding.


4 Responses to “Three days without birds”

  1. Brenton H says:

    Hope both yourself and your wife are soon better. What you have said is so true. There is a bird nearby in some form. Some days a magpie in the park, a willie wagtail on the fence or a flash of a honeyeater gets one through the day. We need our feathered friends as they need us to be there for them.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks Brenton – we are both well on the way to recovery.

    I love my hobby. I can observe birds almost wherever I go. Travelling becomes an adventure in how many birds we can ID along the way, a walk can turn up some interesting sightings and even sitting at my computer I can be birding – listening to what is outside in the garden.

  3. TonyC says:

    Hi Trevor, Glad you’re back. As a fellow kidey stone sufferer I know what you went through. happy birding!! cheers, tony

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks Tony. My 3 days in hospital was followed closely by my wife spending 5 days there (with a blood clot – getting better by the day but long term care needed). Then Monday last week I came down with the worst flu of my life – 9 days mostly in bed! You could say I’m sick of being sick. On the mend now however.

    Thanks for the good wishes. Bring on the spring birds.

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