Time for a shower

When we move from of our back verandah we enter a patio area covered in shadecloth. Along the edges of this paved area my wife has a collection of Australian native plants in pots. To water these she has set up a sprinkling system. This morning the plants needed watering.

A few moments after switching on the sprinklers she called me to the window to observe the reaction of the resident New Holland Honeyeaters. About a dozen gathered to enjoy the shower. They would fly into the misting water then land on one of the plants or the nearby bush. They would fluff up their feathers and give themselves a thorough wash. And all through the few minutes that the sprinklers were operating they set up a very noisy and excited chattering.

New Holland Honeyeater

New Holland Honeyeater

I should add that the above photo was not taken this morning. I include it to show readers a photo of the species I was writing about. It was taken late last year.


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