Tragedy in Victoria

My condolences to all those families who have lost family members in the tragic wildfires that have devastated the Australian state of Victoria over the last 48 hours.

For the benefit of my overseas readers, the major fires have been about an hour’s drive north, north east and south east of Melbourne, Victoria. Some are still raging out of control after record high temperatures and wild winds swept the firestorm through many rural communities.

As I sat down to write this the number of deaths has risen over the last half hour from 65 to 74 and now stands at 76. Many more are still missing, and as destroyed homes and burnt out vehicles are searched, the death toll is sure to rise, some predict over 100. It is already the most deaths due to fires in Australia’s history.

At least four towns have been severely devastated with most homes destroyed. One town has only one building unburnt. Over 700 homes have been lost.

I have no idea what effect these fires have had on the birdlife of the areas burnt, or of the wildlife in general. I can only imagine the worst. I know of at least one wildlife rescue centre that has been destroyed, together with the loss of all animals in care.

Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary to the north east of Melbourne has evacuated all of the endangered species, including the rare Orange-bellied Parrots, to Melbourne Zoo.

Update: Later in the evening the death toll stood at 84 and the number of homes lost at 750.

Update late Monday: The death toll now stands at 135 and is expected to rise further. It is now easily Australia’s worst natural disaster.

Update Thursday 19th Feb: The death toll has now reached 200 plus one fire fighter who lost his life during the cleanup. About 1830 homes were lost and 7000 people are now homeless.


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  3. Amy, SA 0413673603 says:

    It is so sad to hear that over 100 people have died in this bushfire tradgedy, I wish everyone the best!

    The more I hear about this tradgedy the more I want to go to Victoria and lend a hand. I wish I could save every life left and give everyone my support. I will be sending cloths and food and other useful things over with a letter and I hope that everyone gets a chance to read it. I am sorry that whoever lit the fires has not been caugfht yet but I hope they suffer the worst punnishment ever give for murder and harming nature. I fel everyones pain and hope and wish everyone all the best! Feel free to give me a call if you have lost family or friends, I will pray with you and do my best to help ease your pain.

    0413 673 603, is my mobile number for anyone that needs to express their feeling about this bushfire tradgedy.

    May god help us all and all those left to suffer…….Be brave!

  4. Azzy says:

    I am sorry to hear what some idiot has done to all victims of the victorian bushfires. I feel really sad to hear how many people lost their lives and even sadded that a 9 year old girl and her brother of 15 died. I first heard of people being injured with news of a 14 yeah old boy being killed by the blaze.

    God is watching over all children, animals and everyone that died and i am sorry for everyone’s loss. I hope that soon it will all be over and that it will never happen again.


  5. Azzy says:

    I hope the fire will be completely put out soon and no mor lives lost. I have heard that school children were killed in the fire. It was sad to hear that teachers weer calling out the roll and some students werenot able to say “I am here!” and make everyones day.

    To ll pets, children and everyone killed in the fires or to those that lost friends or loved ones, R.I.P!


    P.S. Sorry for sending so many erplys, I just feel sorry for everyone!

  6. Cammie says:

    Im sorry to hear about the fires in vic, ever since i heard about them on sunday night, ive been worried about everyone ever since.

    for all those homes that were destroyed in the fire, They Can be replace =)
    For all the people that have died in the fire, They cannot be replace =( R.I.P

    I hope they stop the fires soon, WHOEVER LIT THOSE FIRES SHOULD ROT IN JAIL OR BE IN THE SAME PAIN AS EVERYONE ELSE! what they did destroyed alot of towns and killed alot of people they should actual die!


  7. Azzy says:

    Well said Cammie!
    Police hav arrested some guilty arsens and they have been charged!

  8. Trevor says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    The need is now even greater as the people who have survived pick up their lives again. It will be a long, hard journey on a road pot holed with horrible memories and nightmarish flash backs. They will need everyone’s support for months and even years to come.

  9. Azzy says:

    Trevor, if I could I would go to the scene and help out myself, thats how much everyone knows I care.



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