Unusual visitors – Goldfinches

I was collecting the daily newspaper from the driveway yesterday when my attention was attracted to an unusual bird call in the tree next to our driveway. Unusual for our garden, that is. European Goldfinches are widespread in various parts of southern Australia. There is a small population near the railway station here in Murray Bridge, 80km SE of Adelaide. It’s just that they are not even regular visitors to our garden, so the call attracted my attention. In fact, I think we’ve only ever had them here in our garden on two or three other occasions in 30 years.

The two birds didn’t stay long – just long enough to confirm the sighting through my binoculars. So – you will have to put up with an old photo taken in our garden some years ago.

European Goldfinch

European Goldfinch


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  1. Gary Gale says:

    When researching my observation that New Holland Honeyeaters do not seem to coexist with White Plumed Honeyeaters, I came up with little result of confirmation. I did however find your blog which I very much liked.You seem to have a love of Birds/nature, similar to what I have. I however do not have the expertise to set up my own blog as you have. i have taken the easy way out but a popular way in that I have used facebook to display my/our photography of birds.
    In Facebook please look up: – Birds – My Back Yard and Beyond – Wyndham Vale, Victoria, Australia
    It is an open group that you could post in Trevor. Ideally I would like that you emulate it as the open statement says.
    Can not deny that my inspiration comes from seeing your blog, you show what you see in your backyard, and what you see when you go beyond.
    Thanks Gary and Nina

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