Vagrant birds in our garden

Over recent days I have written about the bird species that are resident in our garden here in Murray Bridge in rural South Australia. I have also written about birds that are not resident but are regular visitors, some of them seasonal visitors.

Over the last 22 years I have recorded 113 species in total. Of those 36 are resident and many of the rest are regular or occasional visitors. A few species I would regard as vagrants. On this list I would include the species recorded on only one or two or a handful of occasions.

Vagrant Species:

The species I would call vagrants on our home block would include those listed below. The number in brackets is the frequency of recording. (These numbers are not quite up to date). I have kept monthly (sometimes weekly) records throughout the 22 years.

  • Australian Pelican (1)
  • Little Black Cormorant (3)
  • White-faced Heron (5)
  • Australian White Ibis (1)
  • Wedge-tailed Eagle (1)
  • Peregrine Falcon (1)
  • Stubble Quail (2)
  • Banded Lapwing (1)
  • Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo (1)
  • Budgerigar (1)
  • Musk Lorikeet (3)
  • White-throated Needletail (1)
  • White-winged Triller (4)
  • Red-backed Kingfisher (2)
  • Australasian Pipit (3)
  • Restless Flycatcher (1)
  • Jacky Winter (2)
  • Flame Robin (2)
  • Buff-rumped Thornbill (1)
  • Brown Thornbill (2)
  • Inland Thornbill (1)
  • Southern Whiteface (5)
  • White-fronted Chat 3
  • Brown Treecreeper (2)
  • White-eared Honeyeater (4)
  • Yellow-plumed Honeyeater (5)

Some of the species listed above are quite surprising because they are relatively common and widespread in the district.


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