Welcome Swallows

Birding while doing the washing
I was hanging up the washing this morning and was aware of the many garden birds we enjoy here in Murray Bridge, South Australia. Often I have stopped and listened to the birds calling. More than once I have been distracted from the task at hand and followed a bird or two – or raced inside for the camera.

Stubble Quail
Possibly one of the best sightings I’ve ever had while doing the washing was a single Stubble Quail. This is a common and widespread species in this region, but it was the only time I’ve seen one in our garden.

This morning I was suddenly aware of twittering in the sky above. Two Welcome Swallows (Hirundo neoxena) hawking for insects above. Again – this is a widespread and very common species in this area. It is not unusual to see 100s swooping low over the water of the nearby River Murray, or dozens lined up resting on power lines. What is unusual is the occurrence of this species above our garden and five acre (2 hectare) property. For some reason we only see or hear them once or twice a week, sometimes even less often. I have rarely seen more than 5 or 6 here at a time. I can’t give a reason for this.


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