What is Birding?

Frequently Asked Questions about Birding #1

Today I start a new series of articles about birding. This is a series of questions about birding with my answers to these questions. I trust that readers will find these answers useful in helping them watch birds.
If you have any more questions just use the comments section and I will try to answer them.

On most days I will only have one question but to start off the series I will have three questions today.

  1. What is birding? Birding is the hobby or pastime of watching birds, usually in the natural environment. This interest can take many forms. Some people just take notice of the birds in their environment occasionally and quite casually. These people could probably name just a few dozen different species of birds, usually just the very common ones they encounter in daily life. More serious birders will know several hundred or even a thousand different kinds of birds. The most serious bird watchers are quite deliberate about their hobby, going on excursions or trips to see birds. These people often spend a great deal of time, effort and money on travel, accommodation and equipment in relation to their birding pursuits.
  2. What is a birder? A birder is someone who enjoys watching and studying birds. Anyone can be a birder. All you need is to open your eyes to see the birds all around you. In fact, you can still be a birder and be totally blind – just listen to the birds calling.
  3. What is a bird watcher? This is just another name for a birder.
Red Capped Robin

Red Capped Robin


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