What is that bird in that tree?

Red Panda, Adelaide Zoo

Red Panda, Adelaide Zoo

Last week on my visit to the Adelaide Zoo I was especially keen to see the Great Panda exhibit. I was not disappointed and I had excellent views of the animals, and also managed some great photos.

Next to their much publicized cousins, the Red Pandas also had a wonderful new enclosure. Now I know a lot of fuss has been made of the Great Pandas in the zoo, but I think that the Red Pandas are far nicer. Much smaller grant you, but very attractive.

I was amused that the keepers had placed some bamboo high in a tree planted in their enclosure and one of the Red Pandas had climbed up to have a snack, only to fall asleep while doing so. They are just as cute asleep too.

Sorry if you came here today expecting something about birds – more about birds in coming days. I promise.

Red Panda, Adelaide Zoo

Red Panda, Adelaide Zoo


2 Responses to “What is that bird in that tree?”

  1. Ken Rolph says:

    You can get a red panda in the Wild Republic Asian Mountain toy collection. This is a rare collection that is not African or farmyard. It contains a giant panda, a red panda, a black bear, snow leopard, tiger, mountain goat and . . . backpacker!

    I believe those are dangerous animals in the wild, the backpackers. And not at all endangered, so it should be quite common to spot one. Trevor, will you be posting pictures of wild backpackers, or only those behind chain wire?

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi again Ken.

    I bought a toy Red Panda at the Taronga Zoo shop in 2000. It has a prominent place on the shelf above my office desk. Beautiful.

    When we arrived here in Sydney a few days ago I was delighted that my Grandson had such good taste and already had a Red Panda similar to mine.

    We brought over a lovely Giant Panda toy for him this trip and it has already usurped his Pooh Bear as a favourite (he he he he he). It was being sold off in Woolies at a price my wife couldn’t resist.

    I agree that Backpackers are very dangerous animals, a species of which one has to be so wary.

    No – rest easy – I will not post photos of them here. But there has been another potentially dangerous species featured some time ago on these pages. I speak of the Furiously Dedicated Bird-watcher as shown in a dangerous crouch ready to pounce in my About page here:

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