What parrot was that again?

Fire safety sign near Pinnaroo, South Australia

Fire safety sign near Pinnaroo, South Australia

On my recent trip to Pinnaroo east of here in Murray Bridge I saw the above bushfire prevention sign on the side of the road. As I flashed past I thought, “My readers might like to see that.”

So I came to a screeching halt and backed up. Well – I checked the mirror first. Good thing too – a big truck was following me about a hundred metres back. I let him pass before taking the photo.

Most local councils in Australia  have strict regulations about lighting fires, especially in rural areas. Many farmers still use burning off as a strategy for controlling weeds. Lighting a fire during the summer months is asking for trouble, hence the signs.

The message of this sign seems to be appealing to bird lovers.

But what kind of bird?

The two parrots depicted by the artist appear to be rosellas, but they are nothing like any of the rosellas in my field guides. I guess the artist wanted to depict a generic type of parrot, appealing to a very broad audience.

I suspect the artist has adapted an illustration from a children’s colouring book. I’m sure I’ve seen something very similar in one of those “Colour by Number” type books.

I doesn’t matter – if it gets the message across and prevents fires, then it has achieved its purpose.¬† Pity though – I’d like to have a photo or two of the parrots featured.¬† They’d look good here on my blog.

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