Where are the birds?

Hay Plains, western New South Wales

Hay Plains, western New South Wales

New South Wales 2008 Trip report #1

We are off on another road trip – this time straight to Sydney for Christmas with family. On the way we travelled from home in Murray Bridge through Lameroo and Pinnaroo before crossing over the border into Victoria for several hours. We crossed the River Murray at Tooleybuc and the travelled on to Balranald and then across the Hay Plains (see photo above) and stopped at Hay overnight.

On this occasion we are travelling with our adult daughter in her car. Having three drivers share the driving was a pleasant change from recent years of holidaying.

All through the first day we were running just ahead of a cool change. The air conditioned car was very pleasant. Stopping for lunch at Underbool we needed to find a shady spot – the hot north wind making it not very pleasant.

The hot conditions made birding as we drove along very frustrating. We hardly saw anything. I guess the birds were also taking to the shade during the trying conditions. Sure, we saw several flocks of White-winged Choughs on the side of the road. We also saw the occasional Australian Magpie and a few very hot ravens sitting on fence posts with their wings outstretched – they were probably either Australian Ravens or Little Ravens.

Between Tooleybuc and Balranald I anticipated seeing Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos but I was disappointed. In fact, I was very disappointed with the few sightings of birds on this first day.

I hope the birding improves.


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