White-faced Heron visits for a swim

White-faced Heron in our swimming pool

White-faced Heron in our swimming pool

Yesterday we were delighted to have a special visitor to our swimming pool. Mind you – it would have been rather cold going for a swim. Winter seems to have returned after some very hot weather. Summer is officially just over a week away, yet we have had several days in the mid teens.

White-faced Heron in our swimming pool

White-faced Heron in our swimming pool

This White-faced Heron wasn’t after a swim though. He was keeping a sharp eye on the frogs in our pool. Yes – you read that correctly. I’ve neglected the swimming pool for so long that the frogs have moved in. At least it’s getting some use.

The water level is down a metre too, and will take quite a deal of water to get it back to normal levels. Despite the current water restrictions, I feel okay about doing this. I haven’t added any water for several years now, relying only on rainwater from part of our roof.

White-faced Heron in our swimming pool

White-faced Heron in our swimming pool

From memory, this is only the second time a White-faced Heron has landed in our garden in over 25 years. It’s about time the Little Pied Cormorant paid a visit.

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9 Responses to “White-faced Heron visits for a swim”

  1. Tricia says:

    Nice shots Trevor! We often see the white-faced herons around Sanctuary Lakes.

    A funny story involving my sister. Some time ago she swore that she had a “grey heron” visiting her large garden. I was sceptical naturally pointing out that grey herons usually frequent northern australia, not the southern highlands of NSW. She wouldn’t have it even though I told her her heron was probably a “white-faced”. Anyway, it took some courage on her part to admit to me that I was, indeed, correct. She knows now, (as my hubby pointed out to her) not to argue with me when it comes to bird I.D. hahaha.

  2. Tricia says:

    By the way, we have quite a few little pied cormorants here. They sit on the “no swimming” signs in the shallows on the arfificial beaches we have here at SL.

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks Tricia. We also have quite a few Little Pied cormorants around here – usually only along the River Murray which is about 4km from home. A single bird has visited our swimming pool on several occasions but not for some years.

  4. Snail says:

    Wouldn’t a cormorant be a bit of a messy guest?!

  5. Trevor says:

    Yes Snail – that’s why it would be better that they stayed away. Probably the messiest of all visitors would be the Pacific Black Ducks – they stay for ages and have even deposited eggs in the water. A few weeks ago we had a tribe of about a dozen ducklings which we were able to rescue.

    Needless to say – the pool will need a LOT of cleaning before being used this summer – if I get to it.

  6. Rose says:

    Bugger the birds, Dad! Clean the pool so I can swim in it this summer! 😉

  7. Trevor says:

    In this cold weather – it will have to warm up a lot for me to get in there. Still – must get to Le Swamp soon.

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