White-winged Choughs in the heat

White-winged Choughs

Yesterday I wrote about Magpies in the hot weather we are having. So far we have had a rather mild summer, but the last few days has brought in the hot weather we’ve been expecting for some weeks. More hot days are forecast for the coming week.

During warm weather our bird baths are well used by the resident birds in our garden. When it is hot there is a constant stream of birds of many different species taking advantage of the water for both drinking and bathing. It is great entertainment for us as well as providing a much needed resource for the birds.

At one stage yesterday I was amused by the family of eight White-winged Choughs who all came to have a drink. All at once. I am so pleased that they did not decide to have a bath as well. A single Magpie can almost empty the bird bath in minutes; I’d hate to think how little water would have been left after eight WW Choughs had finished bathing!

White-winged Choughs

4 Responses to “White-winged Choughs in the heat”

  1. John Tongue says:

    Hi Trevor,
    We had it pretty hot here yesterday (for us), but it’s much cooler today. About 14 degrees tonight, and they’re even forecasting the POSSIBILITY of snow in the southern highlands tomorrow.

  2. Brenton H says:

    A delightful blog with wonderful photographs!

  3. Trevor says:

    Ah John – the wonders of Australian weather! Last week our friends drove us to the top of Mt Macedon (N of Melbourne). It was in the mid 20s when we left Gisborne and twenty minutes later it was 12C at the top – it was real jumper weather – fortunately we had taken jumpers with.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks for visiting Brenton – and for your kind words.

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