White-winged Triller still around

White-winged Triller

White-winged Triller

Over the last two months we’ve had a White-winged Triller in our garden. Normally they hang out in the northern parts of Australia and come south in the spring and summer. They often breed at this time of the year.

At first there was only the one, a male. He persistently called throughout the daylight hours, hours after hour. Then about three weeks ago he was joined by another calling. This one wasa little more secretive – vocal but it kept hidden. I think I did catch a glimpse of it briefly and I’m sure it was a female. Females are much plainer brown.

Since then the male has still been around but he is a lot quieter now. It is possible they have a nest somewhere in the vicinity, but they are keeping very quiet about its location.

White-winged Triller

White-winged Triller


2 Responses to “White-winged Triller still around”

  1. Snail says:

    It’d be terrific if they were nesting in your garden. Fingers crossed.

  2. Trevor says:

    I agree, but they are being rather shy about things compared to the showy and noisy display when the male first arrived.

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