Why have a bird note book?

Frequently asked questions about birding #12

What do I write in the notebook?

So you have decided to always carry a notebook and pen or pencil while out birding in the field.

What do you write in the notebook?

I usually write the date, the time, the location, the GPS reading, a list of every species seen and an estimate of how many birds present eg 30 pink Galahs, 3 Wood Ducks, 2 Crested Pigeons and a Partridge in a pear tree – oops – a partridge? I’d better take a few notes and do a quick sketch of its main features.

Here is another use for the notebook. I know that there are no partridges in Australia so I take notes. That way I can check in my field guides later when I get home and check my notes against the field guide notes. Oh – that should have been Partridge Pigeon. Of course.

If I had seen a Partridge Pigeon I would have been very excited. They are only found in the extreme northern edge of Australia, a long way from home. Any seen around here in Murray Bridge, South Australia would have to have escaped from someone’s aviary. I’m not sure if this species is kept in aviaries here in South Australia. One would have to have a special permit because this bird in vulnerable in its natural habitat.

This post was updated on 22nd October 2015.


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