Wild weather and baby magpies

Baby Australian Magpies huddled against the wind

Over the last few weeks we have had some violent wind storms. Spring here in South Australia can often be windy, but these were gale force winds. One afternoon earlier this week wind gusts up to 80kph were recorded many times. While we didn’t suffer any property damage others in our state were not as fortunate. One poor man even drowned when his boat was overturned in rough conditions on the River Murray upstream from my home town of Murray Bridge.

During the worst of the stormy weather I was concerned for the baby magpies in two nests within 50 metres of my office where I am writing this post. We had watched with interest when the nests were being built. Actually, they were last year’s nests which were refurbished. Then we waited while the mother birds sat patiently during the incubation period. Then over the last few weeks there was a constant begging noise from the babies.

When the first storm hit last Monday the babies were able to hang on to the nesting material. The following storms on Wednesday were even worse and the young were blown out of their cosy homes. Watching them today I suspect that they were not yet quite ready to fledge* because they are still unable to fly; they run everywhere – well, it’s more of a wobbly, unsteady waddle.

At one point the two babies from the nest closest to our house clambered up on a heap of scrap wood near the garage. I managed to get up reasonably close without spooking them, thus getting some good photos. You will notice that they are still very downy. These downy feathers will remain for some months yet. You will also notice that the nearest one has not much of a tail yet. In the first few days after fledging, they are terrible flyers as they learn how to get around; having virtually no tail does not help.

*Note: to see a definition of the word fledge click here.

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Baby Australian Magpies huddled against the wind

Baby Australian Magpies huddled against the wind

Baby Australian Magpies huddled against the wind




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  1. Rob says:

    Great story – we just got some baby Magpies born on Saturday 5 October 2013 and mum and dad Magpie are certainly fussing over them with care, attention and food. (nice mince). Anyway hot day 35 degrees plus on Sunday and nest is open to elements – so interesting your ones got blown out of the nest before they were fledged…

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