Willie Wagtails fly the nest

Baby Willie Wagtails just out of their nest

Over recent weeks I’ve been keeping an eye on a Willie Wagtails‘ nest in our garden. The birds were very industrious for a few days while they built their beautiful nest which consists mainly of spiders’ webs. I’ve shown the nest in the photo below.

I’ve been very busy lately and a few days ago I saw that the little ones had hatched and were sitting in the nest being fed by the adults. I made a note to myself to get the camera out and get a shot of them in the nest.

They beat me to it. Yesterday I noticed them flying around and not settling or posing for a photo. So I had to use a photo I took last year – or was that the year before – see the photo above.

You can’t win them all.

Happy birding.

Willie Wagtails' nest in our garden

Willie Wagtail sitting on a nest in our garden


3 Responses to “Willie Wagtails fly the nest”

  1. Deborah says:

    that’s so gorgeous! and they have a very neat, well-constructed nest.

  2. Brenton says:

    One of my favourite species! Just love them!

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks Deborah and Brenton.

    We love having them around the house and garden. They are now busy feeding the young which are flying around too. They often come in under our back veranda – we love seeing them sitting on our garden furniture – even if they do leave little calling cards! Cleaning the chairs and table every few days is a small price to pay for having these birds around every day. Interestingly, they rarely nest more that 20 metres from our house – and we live on a 5 acre block so there’s plenty of choice. They must like our company too!

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