Dusky  Woodswallow

Dusky Woodswallow

A few minutes ago I had occasion to go outside. I needed a break from my writing and I needed to attend to something before the coming rain storm arrived. Of course  I didn’t think I’d see anything unusual while outside so I didn’t take the binoculars.

Murphy’s Law and all that.

A small flock of about twenty woodswallows flew overhead giving their characteristic calls. Not totally sure but they were probably Dusky Woodswallows as that is the main species in this family we get around here.  We don’t have them overhead all that often, and when they do come they rarely stay more than a few minutes before flying on. Even less often do they settle. For this reason I haven’t taken all that many photos of this species. The one featured above was taken inside a large aviary at Cleland Wildlife Park. The one below was taken some years ago just up the road – on one of the rare occasions when one perched for me in camera range.

Dusky Woodswallow

Dusky Woodswallow

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5 Responses to “Woodswallows”

  1. Ken Rolph says:

    I once saw a masked woodswallow in our backyard at Blacktown. He was only there for an afternoon. I’ve never seen any of the other kind. I’m not sure they are common in Sydney. Probably they just pass through on occasions.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi again Ken,

    We have six species of Woodswallows here in Australia. Most of them can be found in most parts of Australia. All species tend to be highly nomadic, often forming huge flocks that can number several hundred to thousands, often in response to thundery weather (which stirs up flying insects).

    Around here they fly around for 5 – 10 minutes before moving on. On one notable occasion many years ago we had a resident pair that stayed around long enough to build a nest and raise a family. Delightful. It was before I had a digital camera.

    The Masked woodswallow is not common east of the ranges in NSW so your sighting was unusual (but not rare).

  3. Brenton H says:

    One of the most beautiful of our birds. Exquisite!

  4. Trevor says:

    I agree with you Brenton. It is always a delight to see and hear them overhead. An even greater delight when they pose for my camera.

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