World Water Day

After two weeks of scorching weather here in South Australia when numerous records were broken, the cooler autumn weather has finally arrived. I’ve just put on a jumper because the office was about 18C and a little on the chilly side. Last week it hovered around the 30C in my office. On Thursday we even had some drizzle – one could hardly call it rain. It didn’t register in our rain gauge either. Things are really looking grim around here during this prolonged drought and record high temperatures.

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. The major theme this year is sanitation. I have spent some time in both Thailand and Nepal and this helped me to understand a little of the sanitation needs of underdeveloped nations, especially Nepal. It is my understanding that the sanitation needs in many other countries are far greater even than Nepal and quite desperate in some cases. It is an urgent need indeed. If only the warring nations of the world could down their weapons and take up the cause providing fresh, drinkable water and improved sanitation in those needy countries.

Water needs in Australia

While most of Australia is blessed with good fresh water, there is a growing and urgent need to do something about the Murray-Darling River system.There are still far too many large irrigation schemes growing unsuitable crops from this system. The lower Murray where I live is in desperate straits; the system is nearly dead, the levels are at the lowest levels in decades and the flow almost non-existent. The internationally recognised wetlands area of the Coorong and nearby lakes system near the Murray mouth is almost dry and this is having enormous implications for the birds and all aspects of the environment. And still the politicians argue about what is to be done, despite the money being available to make a start. Adelaide – along with large areas of South Australia – relies heavily on the Murray River for its annual water supply; our rainfall is inadequate not to do so. Our reservoir system is also both inadequate and antiquated.

Birds and the cooler weather

On a more local scale – our own garden – the cooler weather has had a disappointing side effect. During the recent hot spell the birds were constantly using our bird baths. Now that the cooler weather is here their visits are less frequent. I guess I can’t have all my own way. It certainly is nicer to have the cooler conditions.


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