Yellow Billed Spoonbill

Today I needed to visit someone in a part of the city I don’t normally frequent. This was quite close to Long Island Reserve, so I took five minutes out of my busy schedule to check out the birds there, seeing I hadn’t visited that reserve for about a year – maybe more.

Long Island Reserve
Long Island is a long island (funny about that) in the middle of the River Murray just down stream from the CBD of Murray Bridge, South Australia. It has extensive lawned areas for picnics, a small sandy beach, a jetty and a boat ramp. It is a popular place for water skiers and boating enthusiasts. The car park has been deliberately widened to cater for boat trailers.

Birdwise there was nothing much to report. Several Magpie Larks feeding on the lawn, a flock of about 40 Silver Gulls sheltering from the wind and about 6 Straw Necked Ibis feeding in an adjacent grassy area. Wasn’t even worth getting out of the car.

Rocky Gully Wetlands revisited

On my way home I made a slight deter past the Rocky Gully Wetlands. Last week I observed Royal Spoonbills there for the first time. Today it was a solitary Yellow Billed Spoonbill next to a White Faced Heron. Always nice to see spoonbills – and so funny the way they feed, swishing that odd-shaped bill through the mud.

Sadly – I didn’t have my camera with me. (Sigh)


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