Young Ducks, Laratinga Wetlands

Grey Teal with ducklings, Laratinga Wetlands

On my visit to the Laratinga Wetlands, Mt Barker earlier this week I was pleased to see how many birds were breeding, or had young. Many of the water-birds had young in various stages of dependence, including this family of Grey Teal swimming on one of the ponds.

These wetlands are on the eastern side of Mt Barker in the Mt Lofty Ranges about a half hour drive from Adelaide, South Australia. The series of ponds have been made next to the treatment works and they purify the water which is later used in irrigation projects nearby.

Grey Teal are a very common duck, being found throughout Australia where there is suitable habitat. They usually respond quickly to flooding and heavy rainfall, breeding up in large numbers. I didn’t see as many Grey Teal on this occasion. Many have probably flown to more northern and inland parts of Australia where there has been extensive flooding in recent months.

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Grey Teal with ducklings, Laratinga Wetlands


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