Great birding on the Hay Plains NSW

Hay Plains, western New South Wales

Hay Plains, western New South Wales

2007 New South Wales trip report #7

Morning tea, 55kms west of Hay

Fifty five kilometres from Hay we pulled into a roadside rest area for morning tea. This flat uninteresting looking place seemed not to be a good birding place at first glance. Within minutes I had changed my mind. There seemed to be birds everywhere, and some very nice species into the bargain. My cup of tea soon was forgotten as I chased the birds around the saltbush area near the parking bay. Welcome Swallows were nice but not too exciting. About twenty White-backed Swallows were far more exciting; it’s a species I haven’t seen all that often.

Several Galahs flew overhead and a Nankeen Kestrel swooped past where I stood trying to identify the local wrens. In vain I tried to find the coloured male and three plain brown females gave me the run around. Eventually one came up from the bushes and perched in full view a few metres away. Ah-ha – a female White-winged Wren. Wonderful – but still no male. The metallic deep blue with contrasting white wings has to be seen to be believed. Another lost opportunity. [sigh]

In the midst of all this beating around the bushes, my wife called out, “What’s that?”  pointing to a bird perched on top of another bush. A White-winged Triller! I hadn’t seen one of those for over eight years. A real bonus bird, so I made sure I thanked my wife for this sighting.

Other common birds seen at this stop included Common Starlings, Little Ravens, Australian Magpies, and still more House Sparrows.

It had been a wonderful half hour stop. Forget that my cuppa went cold!


In September 2009 we had a male feeding and calling in our garden. I managed to get some nice photos of him (see below).

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4 Responses to “Great birding on the Hay Plains NSW”

  1. Snail says:

    That’s not a bad haul for a thirty minute break!

  2. John Tongue says:

    These birds can be VERY distracting, can’t they??

  3. Trevor says:

    You are right Snail. We usually shun townships on our travels and head for a bush setting for lunch and cuppas, and this usually pays off with some good sightings.

    John – they are wonderfully distracting. But I usually remember to eat somewhere along the way. The cuppa is expendable – but not food.

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