4000 comments and counting

King Parrot

A major milestone occurred on this site yesterday: The 4000th comment appeared.

I had been anticipating it for several days but missed it when I had a day sleeping off the medication for a massive allergic reaction, but that’s another story. (I’m better today. Thanks for asking.)

Thanks to everyone who has made this site so successful over the last five and a bit years, especially those who are my regular readers and those who take the time to stop a while and comment, or ask a question. Some of you are great at helping each other with your birding questions; your suggestions are most welcome and appreciated.

The last five years have seen just the beginning of this site. Stay tuned for more photos, more interesting facts about birds, more of my adventures while out birding and some new developments later in the year. Stay tuned folks – and thank you.

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Good birding.

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Red-collared Lorikeet, Adelaide Zoo


2 Responses to “4000 comments and counting”

  1. Ragtag says:

    Congrats on reaching the 4K comment mark! Lurker here.
    I moved from a unit into a house in southern Sydney last year and have developed an almost obsessive craze to attract native birds to my then bald garden. Step 1: Bird baths, check! Step 2: Plant native trees, check! Got 2 bottle brushes, 3 grevilleas, 2 banksias, 2 melaleukas, 1 hakea, 2 waratahs, 1 lily pily, 1 blueberry ash. Step 3: Wait… so in the meantime Trevor’s Birding gets me a regular ‘fix’.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Ragtag,

    You are really serious about attracting birds. Good for you. So pleased you’ve chosen good Aussie plants for your garden; that will help. (Nothing against lovely exotics, but better to have Australian plants.)

    You might be interested in having a look at my wife’s site. She writes about how she manages her plant nursery and how to propagate and grow plants:

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